A Hearty Welcome!


So I am currently in deepest, darkest, glorious Oxfordshire, England and it is Friday the somethingth of July, at 1456 in the afternoon and here I am writing my first ever blog.

I say ‘somethingth’ as I am currently unable to arise from my sofa, to check the calendar in the kitchen to confirm what date it is, as I have my little 10 week old baby asleep on my chest and it is so lovely to have her here that I’m not going to move!

It has begun as most blogs begin I expect, with friends asking for me to hurry up and please write a blog to include my recipes, tips and advice, coupled with the fact that we travel around a lot and people ask about what we’re up to!

Anyways – what’s it all about?

Mostly life really …. some helpful tips I like to share, my little commentaries of days out, nice places to go or holidays further afield and also the most important things in life – food, family, friends and FUN!

Emma X

P.S.  Managed to ever so softly slide the baby onto the sofa – step away from the baby Emma – it is the 14th July!